Lighthouse Wine Series

Our Lighthouse Series—composed of Cranberry Red, Diamond White, and Cape Blush wines—is a whimsical celebration of Cape Cod’s iconic lighthouses and regional flavors.  These premium wines in gorgeous bottles are a perfect hostess gift or conversation starter, cherished by Truro Vineyards visitors across the globe.

Truro Vineyards Cranberry Red

A blend of Syrah and Rougeon grapes, this semi-sweet red is fresh and bold.  Cranberry Red boasts Beaujolais character, blended with delicate Cape Cod cranberries. Delicious with roast turkey, duck, or pheasant.  Interesting base for a sangria or festive punch.

Retail Price $21.99

Truro Vineyards Diamond White

This semi-sweet wine has bold floral aromas followed by notes of fresh picked Concord grapes. Diamond White is a perfect summer sipper. Pair with a light dessert or a sharp cheese.

Retail Price $21.99

Truro Vineyards Cape Blush

This light bodied, off-dry Rosé is a refreshing blend of 92% Cayuga and 8% Cabernet Franc.  A charming salmon color, Cape Blush offers hints of strawberry and fresh fruit flavors. Perfect for drinks on the deck, beach cookouts, and barbeques.

Retail Price $21.99


Truro Vineyards Vignoles

Notes of pineapple and guava open this Vignoles, balanced by a layer of crisp citrus. The Vignoles grape produces some of the most interesting semi-dry and dessert wines in North America. A great match with spicy Asian cuisine.

Retail Price $21.99