Our vineyard is situated next to 44,600 acres of National Seashore, and we take pride in the environment we live in. We also do everything we can to take care of it. At Truro Vineyards, we understand the region’s delicate ecosystem, and through common practices including recycling and composting to more advanced efforts like our newly built green winery, we aspire to be good stewards of this beautiful land we call home.


Truro Vineyards’ commitment to environmentally responsible practices is exemplified in our recent onsite renovation and expansion project, which included many green building principles in both design and construction.

The building enclosure for our new storage and barrel room facilities is constructed of high R value assemblies. The roof is comprised of factory assembled insulated panels, which are not only extremely energy efficient but also require less energy to fabricate and install than traditional roof systems. The roof structural systems have the same beneficial quality of low-embodied energy, assembled from light gauge and laminated wood trusses, which maximize the use of raw material. The trusses also efficiently span long distances, without the need for more elaborate, energy intensive structures.

The walls of the new enclosure employ a combination of spray foam and rigid insulation to maximize temperature containment and minimize air leakage. The building’s exterior siding is an extremely long lasting product composed of recycled content, which reduces raw material extraction, production and waste in multiple categories.

The facilities are climate controlled with high efficiency HVAC systems, which due to the efficiency of the building enclosure, are used minimally. High efficiency equipment helps conserve precious resources and reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Energy efficient fluorescent lighting is employed throughout the facilities, and is also used conservatively due to the strategic placement of natural lighting.

Other materials that have been integrated into the many renovations at Truro Vineyards are carpeting from recycled plastic and counter tops from 100% recycled paper products.

With future building upgrades and renovations on the horizon, Truro Vineyards is continually looking toward sustainable practices, strategies and product selection in an effort to improve and sustain our shared environment.


The Vineyard

Management of our natural resources is of utmost importance to us. We conduct an ongoing evaluation of our water needs, mulch our pruned canes in the spring, and compost grape skins and stems in the fall. We understand that without proper monitoring and responsible stewardship of the land that provides us with the wines we make, our existence and future would be bleak. We continually evaluate vineyard management to ensure as little impact on our environment as possible. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by the practices mentioned above and will continue to manage our vineyard with respect for our surroundings.

Maintaining and increasing sustainable practices allows us to do what we love: Make great wine in this wonderful part of the world.