matyas-vogalMatyas Vogel

Matyas Vogel has been making wine his whole life. He grew up in a small village of 400 people, about 10o miles southwest of Budapest, Hungary. There his family grew Chardonnay, Riesling and a handful of red varietals. They made enough wine for themselves and sold the rest to villagers.

In 1987 he moved to the states on an Agricultural Exchange program and worked at Via Della Chiessa, a former cattle ranch, where he planted and maintained 10 acres of grapes and began wine making. He stayed there for 15 years before coming to Truro Vineyards, where he has been since 2004.

Matyas’s favorite thing about winemaking is the intuition that goes into it. “At the end of the day, you can put all of your knowledge and experience into it, but it’s a product of intuition. If you follow the exact lines of science you rarely get a good wine. It’s a constant balance between what you know and what you feel that makes a good bottle of wine.”

david-roberts-juniorDavid Roberts Jr.

David Roberts Jr. grew up with his father in the wine and spirits industry, which led to his decision to pursue beer making as his field. After several years of homebrewing, he began professional brewing at Flying Monkey in Kansas. He then moved to Atlanta, GA where he was employed at Sweetwater Brewery as a brewer and bottler for over eight years. In 2007 Dave started making wine alongside Matyas Vogel and continually is perfecting his craft.

He enjoys the differences between winemaking and beer making, specifically the seasonality of wine. “The beer making process is much quicker and can occur at any time. Winemaking is a gradual build up to harvest and then its all about the creation and the aging. It’s an interesting difference and for me it keeps it exciting.”