Dedicated to all the bootleggers of Cape Cod.

South Hollow Spirits is a place for pioneers. Led by the team behind Truro Vineyards, our distillery is the first on Cape Cod since Prohibition, and we produce stand alone, small-batch spirits with a commitment to quality and flavor.

We’re proud to distill our hand-crafted rums and gin using a 250 gallon copper pot and column still by Vendome, a family-owned copper works company with four generations of industry expertise. At our 2,000 square foot distillery, we’ve paired our passion for premium spirits with locally sourced ingredients to create products free of artificial colors, sweeteners, and flavorings.

Our can-do, know-how team also blends local botanicals by hand and bottles and labels onsite. We welcome in season visitors from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, offering tours and up close encounters with our distillers, who work year round to create Dry Line Cape Cod GinTwenty Boat Cape Cod Spiced RumTwenty Boat Cape Cod Amber Rum, and Twenty Boat White Rum.

We believe in our products and are fortunate to make them alongside more than 40,000 acres of National Seashore. At South Hollow Spirits, we utilize advanced recycling and composting practices to preserve this important place in New England’s living natural history.